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Lane Report- Give a Gift KY 

Thanks to The Lane Report for including one of my journals in their promotion of the Kentucky Arts Council's Give a Gift from KY! To learn more about Give a Gift from KY, go here.

You can see more of the Lane Report here.


The Craft Report Magazine: Bluegrass State goes Green

I'm so excited to announce that there is a write-up about ReImagined by Luna in the Craft Report Magazine!!  Thanks to Emily Moses of the KY Arts Council for writing it.  It features me along with another KY artist, Jason Cohen, to promote the upcoming KY Crafted: The Market, which is a wholesale and retail show.  Read the article here:  The Crafts Report Digital Edition - March 2013



Recyclables become Artistic Journals

Business Lexington recently pubnlished an article about ReImagined by Luna.  It's a nice overview of the business and my perspective on why I do what I do and why I work with repurposed materials:

“I’ve kept a journal since I was six or seven. It’s been an ebb and flow of how often and how much I write, but I’ve always had one,” Oesch said. “When I first started thinking of bookmaking as a business, I thought I could do it part-time through the winter and farm the rest of the time. I quickly learned that any small business is full-time — and overtime — and chose to pursue bookmaking after doing a year of farming.”


“When you recycle something, you take it and break it down and then re-create something out of it, like paper for example. When you repurpose, you go ahead and take a material and reuse it. You don’t have to take it and break it down to make something else,” Oesch said. “I think it is also helpful to use recycled materials because it stimulates other people’s creativity. If I repurpose something you might otherwise throw away, you might not be as likely to toss it next time around.”


Lexington Crafters (Southside Magazine)

I'm in Lexington's Southsider Magazine!!

"For Melissa Oesch, the notion of reinvention is incredibly inspiring. Oesch takes discarded materials such as leather, fabric and old hardback books and “upcycles” them, creating journals, sketchbooks, datebooks and iPad cases..."