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Book Necklace Wedding Gift Idea!

I received of an email from a Kristin, owner of Ephemera in Paducah, KY, telling me how one local artist bought a couple of my book necklaces as weddings gifts and then embellished them.  I love the idea, and they turned out SO BEAUTIFUL!!  Stefanie Elaine Graves of Cowango Studios took the two necklaces and had Ike, their local book artist, embellish them with the women's names.  She then chose stanzas from Wendell Berry's poem, "A Country of Marriage," which she illustrated with watercolor. She also added a beaded headpin to the leather strap on each to make it more decorative, and shared the photos below with me.  They are so lovely, and, hopefully, get your ideas flowing for the different ways that you can use these bitty books.