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Insight Retailing Magazine

 My mini-book necklaces were featured in Insight, a retailing insight magazine.  How fun is that?!!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Sweetheart Scrapbook:  Handmade Leather Photo Album

The first page can come with any quote or a personal message.  All of the pages are acid-free and perfect for holding photos of you and your dear one.

Photo corners work great for this scrapbook as would photo sleeves or acid-free adhesive.  

All of these can be found at craft stores.

Personal Photo Leather Journal

There is a pocket so that you can put in your own little photo or message.  Also has acid-free blank pages and can be used for photos, taking turns writing down memories, love notes, road trips...

Love Deeply Large Leather Journal 

Book Necklaces:  Key to My Heart

Great for teeny, tiny photos or small sweet messages...


Fun with Mini Books

Today, I received a phone call from a customer who had bought a leather book necklace a couple months ago.  She proceeded to tell me all about her budding romance, how she has waited a long time for a good fit, and how they've now found each other.  This is where the book necklace comes in.  She had some of their photos together printed smaller and also cut apart some of the photo indexes that had tiny pictures of them together.  Then, she put them all in one of these booklets, gave it to her boyfriend for Christmas, and told him that the key on it stood for the key to her heart.  He loved it!  He was so touched by it that he cried.  He hangs it on his rearview mirror so that he can look at it frequently.  What’s especially fun is that he made a book full of pictures for her as well.  She called today wanting several more book necklaces because she wants to make him one for Valentine's Day and plans on giving him a collection of these as time goes on.  So, these fun mini books can be used for more than just necklaces!  The sized she used it just a touch larger than the ones I currently make so just let me know if you want one this size.



New Product Now Available Online

 I've just made alot of new product available online.  Be sure to check it out.  Also, I am having an End of the Year SALE and have marked particular books down 20-35%.  The photos below are examples of new product now up for grabs in my online shop.  Happy Shopping!


Kentucky Textile and Fashion Expo

I was happy to join the Lexington Fashion Collabortive and participate in the Kentucky Textile and Fashion Expo yesterday.  As I watched the models show off various designs and accessories, I couldn't help but think how fantastically my work fit it.  I, too, deal largely in textures and color and combining the two in a way that is pleasing to the senses.  Whether its various leathers or an old book cover, I greatly appreciate watching people look at and pick up my books, deeply enjoying each piece in its entirety.  I encourage folks to do so.  The texture is a great part of the fun.

Courtesy of GLINTstudios.

Courtesy of GLINTstudios.


Festival Preparations

I've managed to take several months off from festivals and am getting ready for my first show of the season:  Cherokee Triangle Art Fair in Louisville.  The time off was a much needed break; however, now with some revamping of my booth set-up, I am ready and excited to be participating in shows once again.  This will be my first time at a festival in Louisville, which means I will be meeting lots of new folks.  This tends to be one of my favorite aspects of participating in shows.  I will be spending this week putting the finishing touches on my display and creating a few more books...