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Custom Memory Book Ornaments with Inscriptions

 A couple of days ago, I created 32 custom book ornaments with beads and inscriptions on the first page.  A lady's aunt passed earlier this year, and her aunt loved books.  The lady is gifting book ornaments to her family members for Christmas in honor and memory of her aunt.  

I now know how to add inscriptions on the first page of these if you are interested in having some custom ones made.  Because of their size, it should probably stay around 10 words or less.  Just let me know if you are interested!


Memory Book Ornaments

Memory Book Ornaments are mini-books that you can actually write in and hang on your Christmas tree each year.  They are frequently used for writing little notes or memories in or for giving as gifts to book lovers, teachers, librarians, book club members, etc.  They come in two sizes with the larger size also having decorative beads.  They both have the whimsical swirly hook for hanging.  They come in a variety of colors.  If you are interested in some, please contact me or stop by one of my shows.  The smaller size is $10 and the larger is $16.