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Custom Turkey Feather Journal

This is a custom turkey feather journal created from reclaimed leather, handmade paper, and turkey feathers.  Turkey Medicine is particularly significant for me so creating this journal definitely felt like a sacred task.  

Some of the keywords associated with turkey medicine are cunning and agility, fierceness and courage, being able to project your voice and your truths, tenacity, gratitude, renewable resources and cultivating a spirit of growth, living in accordance with the spirits of the land, a worthy adversary, being desirable to others, effective use of energy.  
You can read more about Turkey Medicine here


Repurposed Purse Journal

Things have been non-stop around here with art shows back-to-back.  Still, that is no excuse for having not taken a before picture of this journal...well, I guess I kind of am using it as an excuse ;)  Let's just put it this way:  This is a custom-made journal that was made out of a lady's favorite purse that had fallen apart.  I used the outside leather as well as some of the lining and combined it with walnut brown leather to create this one-of-a-kind journal.  In a sense, she will continue to get use out of her purse (such a great color!) as she begins to record her dreams and reflections in her new dream journal.


Turtle Medicine

When I dream of an animal or come upon a particular animal repeatedly, I often look up the Native American meanings behind it.  It can be called "animal medicine" or "animal totem".  The idea is that animals have lessons to teach us and can help act as guides just by the way they are "being" in the world.  I recently created a custom journal with a turtle on it.  The recipient wants to use the journal to record his dreams in and told me that the turtle is important to him.  It made me curious as to what turtle medicine is all about.  Here is a little bit that I found:

Turtle symbolizes both new beginnings and endings. It is through the ending of something that allows space for something new to arise. This ending may be of an outer circumstance or a change or shift that occurs within ourselves.There may be a sense of loss or even grief over what has passed and yet it is through the energy of Turtle who is very long lived and thus very wise, that we can come to understand why something did need to leave our lives. Turtle can help lead us to that space where we can finally move on, to let go of what has been, celebrate it for the gifts it gave us and finally to turn and head for a new shore. 

You can find this information and more about turtle medicine here.



Built-in Bookmark

This custom sketchbook was created from a discarded encyclopedia cover.  The textblock is recycled, acid-free paper that is hand-torn.  And, yes... there is a black ribbon added as a built-in bookmark.


Custom "Believe" Handbound, Leather Journals

These are a couple of custom leather journals that I made for a lady and her friend.  It was fun to work with her to get the colors and details exactly like she wanted.  What isn't shown is a letter to her friend on the first page of the journal that she was giving to her friend.  Here is here response:

"They are here, they are here! My journals are absolutely gorgeous! You do amazing work, Melissa! Thank you so much... they are worth every penny! When I met you at your first show, I knew then, that you would have great success.  Congratulations to you and the wonderful artist you have become. Thanks again-- I'm sure I will have future orders!"


More Rugged Leather Man Journals

 This was a fun one to create!  One of my neighbors, who is also an artist, had me create this rugged, manly journal for her husband for their 1st year wedding anniversary.  She had just found out that he kept notes throughout the day in a little notebook of things that he wanted to remember to share with her.  She surprised him with this gorgeous, earthy journal.  Here is what she had to say:

"Thank you, Melissa, for making this gorgeous journal for Ron for our first anniversary! Now he has a place to write down all those things he wants to remember to tell me. And he recently acquired tiny little journals that his grandfather and father kept. So this turned out to be perfect!"


Custom Rugged Leather Bird Journal

This custom rugged leather bird journal was created in collaboration with a customer who asked simply for a large, earthy journal that had a flying bird on it.  She left the details up to me, and this was what came of it.  I loved these colors together, and it reminded me of this poigenet Rumi quote:

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites
so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.” ― Rumi


Custom Leather Wedding Guestbook 

This is a custom leather wedding guestbook that is being given as a gift to the bride and groom. It was created from remnant leather, has hand-stitched initials, and closes with a handmade glass bead.  The quote on the first inside page was chosen by the couple: "This is no ordinary love."


Some Days...

you have to remember to...


Custom Marriage Book

This is custom Marriage Book! The couple who ordered it from me used it to write their vows in and read from during the ceremony. They plan on writing letters to each other on their anniversary each year; hence, the August 16th on the front. It also has a tree, the moon phase from their wedding day, their favorite constellations (with the big dipper on the front), and a stone closure from the place where they hiked on their first date. The collaboration and intention that put it together was as beautiful as the finished product!