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On the Changes of Writing

"The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurements anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected me to fit them."
-George Bernard Shaw

It’s interesting how the way I write or what I write continues to change.  In grade school, it was very much a diary, pretty factual—this is what the day held and this is how it made me feel.  In high school, there was much more poetry, and, yes, even song lyrics.  The poems were generally raw and vacillated between being incredibly overt to vague and symbolic.  It was all deeply personal.  I moved on in college to writing quite frequently in third person.  If you happened upon one of my journals, you may have thought I was writing a series of short stories.  These actually happened.   They were my life and those of you who were a part of it had nicknames.  I distinctly remember the pretty boy, the best friend, and the activist.   And then I just began to write. it. all.  I wrote what happened, how I felt, how I thought others perceived it, how I hurt, what made me happy, what I wanted to do, what I wanted to quit doing, what my waking and sleeping dreams were, who I wanted to be and how I thought I could get there and on and on.  I included gratefulness and grief, hopes and rude awakenings.  The writing still continues to change.  The journals as of late have become deeply contemplative.  They are frequently filled with words that others have written—numerous quotes, advice from sages of many cultures and times, thoughts from a variety of topics that pique my interest.  I write bits of gratitude, persistent questions, vivid dreams, curious prayers mostly consisting of "You know better...Thy will be done", and subtle whispers that I’m learning to listen to.  I record the details of life that I feel like the Divine continues to use to get my attention, to wake me up.  I want to take note and not forget these small steps that I am trusting are leading me to Source.  I am breathing all the lessons in deeply and breathing out the heaviness and history that I once thought I had to carry.  Everything is new.  Each moment is new.  The writing remains a reflection of change, a reminder of growth, and motivation for deeper discoveries.  How have you seen your writing change?  How has the way you reflect and record changed?


Repurposed Purse Journal

Things have been non-stop around here with art shows back-to-back.  Still, that is no excuse for having not taken a before picture of this journal...well, I guess I kind of am using it as an excuse ;)  Let's just put it this way:  This is a custom-made journal that was made out of a lady's favorite purse that had fallen apart.  I used the outside leather as well as some of the lining and combined it with walnut brown leather to create this one-of-a-kind journal.  In a sense, she will continue to get use out of her purse (such a great color!) as she begins to record her dreams and reflections in her new dream journal.


Dream Journal

Just got the sweetest message about my "dream" journal from Creation Inspirations:

"A mom brought her 11 year old to pick out one of your sketch journals. She chose the sky blue dream one of course! Apparently, that's the one she had fallen in love with at Mayfest. You should have seen that sweet girl hugging that journal...she wouldn't even let me bag it for her!!"