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Memory Book Ornaments

Memory Book Ornaments are mini-books that you can actually write in and hang on your Christmas tree each year.  They are frequently used for writing little notes or memories in or for giving as gifts to book lovers, teachers, librarians, book club members, etc.  They come in two sizes with the larger size also having decorative beads.  They both have the whimsical swirly hook for hanging.  They come in a variety of colors.  If you are interested in some, please contact me or stop by one of my shows.  The smaller size is $10 and the larger is $16.



Fun with Mini Books

Today, I received a phone call from a customer who had bought a leather book necklace a couple months ago.  She proceeded to tell me all about her budding romance, how she has waited a long time for a good fit, and how they've now found each other.  This is where the book necklace comes in.  She had some of their photos together printed smaller and also cut apart some of the photo indexes that had tiny pictures of them together.  Then, she put them all in one of these booklets, gave it to her boyfriend for Christmas, and told him that the key on it stood for the key to her heart.  He loved it!  He was so touched by it that he cried.  He hangs it on his rearview mirror so that he can look at it frequently.  What’s especially fun is that he made a book full of pictures for her as well.  She called today wanting several more book necklaces because she wants to make him one for Valentine's Day and plans on giving him a collection of these as time goes on.  So, these fun mini books can be used for more than just necklaces!  The sized she used it just a touch larger than the ones I currently make so just let me know if you want one this size.



The Deal with Lined Paper

Everywhere I go, there are a handful of folks asking if I create books with lined paper.  

I feel quite strongly about using recycled paper that has great texture and high quality.  My handbound books currently come with two different types of paper.  A recycled, thin brown paper that is akin to a drawing paper, and a thicker, more textured recycled white paper that is also acid free.  Both papers handle inky pens well.  These papers are blank and great for sketching and brainstorming and writing variously sized letters; however, I know that there are those who prefer some good old fashioned lines for ease during their writing experience.  While I haven't been able to find recycled, high-quality lined paper that I can bind, I have found a happy medium- refillable notebooks!  

Now, I have been creating these for custom orders for awhile, but I have officially decided to make lined paper more accessible on a regular basis.  They come in two sizes (small and medium) unless you custom order them. The covers come with notebooks that have 100% recycled lined paper.  There is still another benefit to these refillable notebooks.  One of the backhanded compliments I get from time to time is that my books are too beautiful to write in and people are afraid of messing them up.  While this does defeat the reason I make them, these more hesitant folks can write freely in these new refillable notebooks, conscious that they can replace the pages anytime and still enjoy a great cover design.  I hope to have them available online in the next several weeks.  They are selling so fast at shows that I can't seem to keep up with them.  This is a good thing.


Booklet Necklaces

I've got a whole new batch of booklet necklaces ready to go.  There are more colors and a slightly different style.  These necklaces make great gifts for friends, teachers, book lovers, etc.  I can't stop making them-they are so cute!