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Holidays Shows


Thanks to everyone who came out for all the holiday shows!  November and December was full of shows and Christmas gift orders.  Thanks to each of you!


Limited Edition: Pink Paper


I have a limited edition of small journals with pink inside paper.  They are in two small sizes that close with magnetic snaps under the leather.   The pink paper is a subtle dusty rose paper that is handmade with deckled edges.  This paper is available for custom orders as well.


Demonstrating at Artique at Lexington Green

 I have been selling my books at Artique at Lexington Green in Lexington, KY for a few years now.  It was one of the first stores I started selling in.  I grew up in and around Lexington and remember going to this store when I was little.  I would ooohhh and ahhhh at all the beautiful artwork.  It was exciting to be able to be a part of it.  They asked if I would do some demonstrating outside the store this past weekend, and I gladly agreed.  I even got to sit in the butterfly chair (Yes, I have pics from over of the years of me sitting on this!).  I sent the photo to one friend and said that I finally grew my wings ;)



More and More Festivals

I got in late last night from a one day art festival in Columbus, OH.  I'm taking a quick breath before heading to another art show this coming weekend in Louisville, KY.  Each show has its quirks and perks and never ceases to be filled with quality people.  It's those small nuances and meeting new folks and seeing regular customers again that make it fun.  Here is a quick tour from this past month...

Starting in Evanston, IL at the Lakeshore Arts Festival:

This is how I pass time while driving.

View from my booth.  I was excited to be so close to Lake Michigan for the weekend!

Woodland Arts Festival here in Lexington, KY:

I use to go to this arts show when I was little and was enchanted with all the art and artists.  It's really fun to be one of the artists exhibiting now.  I also love that it is in my hometown.  I seriously saw people that I haven't seen in years...including (but not limited to) two of my babysitters from over twenty-five years ago.

Some of my friends who belly danced with Mecca. 

Most of these Woodland photos are courtesy of my friend, Jason Souders.

Art in Speed Park in Sellersburg, IN:

This is a such a sweet show with high quality artists.  It's nice that it was on the heels of Woodland because it is small enough to give the artists a chance to chat and catch our breath while still "working".  Work is relative anyway, right?  The more I tell myself that I am "playing", the more fun I have "working". 

Upper Arlington in Columbus, OH:

This one day show was on Labor Day, and speculations kept saying to beware of rain and potentially getting washed out.  Somehow, we were by-passed.  It drizzled a bit at one point, but it was overcast and dry.  It was my first time at this show, and I definitely enjoyed it. 

New designs that premiered in Columbus!  More on these later...


*NEW* Refillable Coffee Bag Books

Refillable Coffee Bag Books are now an option!  This new design has similar features as the original coffee bag books: repurposed burlap coffee bags, hand-crafted wooden buttons, and handbound recycled, brown paper.  However, when you fill this one up, you can purchase another handbound journal to refill it with from me.  The cover and initial refill are $48.  Each additional refill is $25.  They will be premiering this weekend at the Lakeshore Arts Festival in Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago).  In the meantime, if you would like one, just let me know!