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Ky Crafted 2016

Ky Crafted: The Market is such a fun show and tends to kick off my festival season each year.  I love being able to share new designs and get feedback.  Because we've just finished up the winter, its a great place to see everyone again and meet new folks as well.  The first day is always for wholesale, and I met some new buyers this year as well as saw ones that I've been working with for awhile.  You can view the stores that my work is available in under "retailers".  Saturday and Sunday is retail.  There were around 200 artists, KY Proud food, and a stage with music.  If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out!!

These girls were so excited to each have their own journal.  They were delightful!

This little one is a daughter of a regular customer who has quite a collection of journals, including one that his wife had me make him for their anniversary.  His daughter seem to take notice for the first time and was pretty enchanted with them all.



Thanks to the KY Arts Council for their all their amazing support...and especially to Chris for this write-up...

Here's today's #giveagiftky staff pick by KAC's Chris Cathers, our program branch manager: He chose items from ReImagined by Luna.

Price range: $10-$90

"Once you take a look at these journals, it becomes a fun challenge to find the perfect gift among the assortment of designs and colors. These hand made, hand stitched books are a wonderful gift for anyone that you want to inspire to put pen to paper. I have given these as gifts already, and I get just as much enjoyment out of the expression on a person’s face when they examine it as they do writing in it. The artist is enthusiastic about her designs and will work with you to personalize your gift. I’ve had names and dates stitched on mine. This is a lasting gift that is guaranteed to delight!"

Celebrate KY Journals

These journals were created in celebration of the state of Kentucky!  While I've considered making state journals for awhile, it was my long-time friend and fellow Kentuckian, Megan Morgan, who really pushed for me to create these.  We both have done a bit of travelling and living elsewhere, but have surprised ourselves at how we continue to be drawn back here.  I've heard similar stories from others who grew up in this state.  There is something magical about the hills, the rivers, the pastures, the people.   There truly is a growing KY pride, and these journals are meant to celebrate that.