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Celebrate KY Journals

These journals were created in celebration of the state of Kentucky!  While I've considered making state journals for awhile, it was my long-time friend and fellow Kentuckian, Megan Morgan, who really pushed for me to create these.  We both have done a bit of travelling and living elsewhere, but have surprised ourselves at how we continue to be drawn back here.  I've heard similar stories from others who grew up in this state.  There is something magical about the hills, the rivers, the pastures, the people.   There truly is a growing KY pride, and these journals are meant to celebrate that.


Teachings from Horses

Any time I become intrigued with a particular animal, I like to explore what Native Americans, Shamans, and Healers associate with that animal.  This can be called an animal totem or animal medicine.  It’s fascinating as each animal has different characteristics to teach us.  Horses are no different.  Horses are one of the few animals that is said to have made alliance with humans early on.  They set us free to travel and transport and work the ground in ways that people had not been able to do before.  It is interesting to note that engines are still measured in “horsepower”.   They have often been associated with mystical powers, especially in various mythologies.  Part of this mystical power is intuition.  With this knowing comes a deep sense of knowing themselves.  There are many references to a horse’s dignity whether it is running wild and free or pulling a plow and the heaviest of burdens.  A horse knows that regardless of its domestication it can quickly become once again the untamed spirit it always was.  This is part of the horse’s teachings: to walk through difficult circumstances with ease and dignity, knowing that deep down we are always free.  This goes along with personal empowerment and tapping into your own inner power.  Horses demonstrate this whether they are racing or running wild or pulling a plow.   They are continually tapping into their power.  They teach us that what we need to access is right there within us.  Think about a horse galloping.  When you allow the horse to set its own pace, riding quickly becomes a pleasure.  It is teaching us to get in touch with our own spirit, allowing this part of ourselves to discover our distinct rhythm.  Doing so sets us free to really enjoy life.  Everything has a bit more ease in it.  Another aspect worth noting is the mother horse.  She gives herself fully to supporting her colts, which can be seen in the sway of her back when she is suckled.  However, she knows when enough is enough.  She does not allow more to be taken from her than is necessary.  We can learn a lot about self-care from the mother horse.  She knows when it is time to take care of herself and teaches her little ones when it is time to take care of themselves.  This is mostly done by example.  The lessons we can learn from horses goes on and on.  They have much to offer us if only we will listen a little more deeply.  The Kentucky’s state logo is “unbridled spirit”.   I love this!  It brings to mind a horse in its natural habitat, without the conditionings we’ve put on it.  That phrase “unbridled spirit” calls out to my gypsy soul…the part of me that continues to learn how to be untangled and free.  I am reminded that, regardless of what things may seem, I am free.