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Ky Crafted 2016

Ky Crafted: The Market is such a fun show and tends to kick off my festival season each year.  I love being able to share new designs and get feedback.  Because we've just finished up the winter, its a great place to see everyone again and meet new folks as well.  The first day is always for wholesale, and I met some new buyers this year as well as saw ones that I've been working with for awhile.  You can view the stores that my work is available in under "retailers".  Saturday and Sunday is retail.  There were around 200 artists, KY Proud food, and a stage with music.  If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out!!

These girls were so excited to each have their own journal.  They were delightful!

This little one is a daughter of a regular customer who has quite a collection of journals, including one that his wife had me make him for their anniversary.  His daughter seem to take notice for the first time and was pretty enchanted with them all.


KY Crafted's Featured Artist

I'm so excited to be the Kentucky Arts Council's featured artist for September! Being a part of KY Crafted has been really given me many fabulous connections and opportunities. They've been great!  You can view the porfolio they posted online here.


KY Crafted: The Market 2013

Since I was accepted into the KY Crafted program last fall, I was eligible to participate in Ky Crafted: The Market....and I was SO excited!!!  This show features mostly KY artists who are all part of this program.  There is one full day of wholesale and then two days that are open to the public for retail.  While it was a long week leading up to it having just gotten back from Philly, I was so glad to be there.  Wholesale day went really well.  I met buyer's from KY as well as other states and also saw many of my current KY retailers.  Everyone was so congratulatory and excited to see me be a part of the show.  The whole weekend really felt like a celebration.  The retail days were fun, and it felt like most of Lexington came out for the festivities.  The KY Arts Council did an amazing job (as always).  This is one of the shows I will definitely look forward to doing again!

I was delighted and surprised to see one of my journals on the door as you
headed into the convention center!

Amy Hess, from the Local Traveler, and me.
Amy came by to do an interview for an upcoming show...stay tuned for details...

This is almost everything for my booth on one cart!  Welcome to loading in and makes me thankful for a small car that I can't fit too much in :)


Preparations for KY Crafted

Lots of preparations for KY Crafted: The Market!  It will be my first time participating, and I'm so excited!


Buyer's Market of American Craft 2013

I recently traveled with the Kentucky Arts Council to Philadelphia to participate in the Buyer's Market.  It was my first time being at this show as well as my first time in Philly.   I arrived the evening of Valentine's Day and met up with Amelia Stamps, a fellow artist and friend.   She had done the show previously and was able to give me some insight as well as show me some of the Philly sights.  We didn't have too much extra time, but we did manage to enjoy meals in Chinatown most evenings.  We stayed near the convention center where the show was held and were able to walk everywhere, which was really nice.  The show felt like the easiest experience ever!  There were five of us who shared the booth,representing KY Crafted.  The KY Arts Council provided display and signage and were great about organizing everything.  The buyer's were also really great and quite personable.  It was really fun meeting store owners who are interested in supporting handmade products.  I'm grateful that I was able to participate and look forward to doing so again in the future!

It's official!!

The whole booth, featuring five artists


This is what I look like writing orders ;)

Me and Amelia

The City

China Town

Little peek at The Market, which was filled to the max with food vendors, veggies, Amish baked goods, coffee, etc....Delicious!


The Craft Report Magazine: Bluegrass State goes Green

I'm so excited to announce that there is a write-up about ReImagined by Luna in the Craft Report Magazine!!  Thanks to Emily Moses of the KY Arts Council for writing it.  It features me along with another KY artist, Jason Cohen, to promote the upcoming KY Crafted: The Market, which is a wholesale and retail show.  Read the article here:  The Crafts Report Digital Edition - March 2013



Handcrafted Wooden Pens

Bourbon Barrel Pens? Yep! I have recently collaborated with Steve Flinchum of Shadoway Studio to be able to offer hand-crafted wooden pens with my journals. Steve is from Elkhorn, KY, a member of KY Crafted, and makes his pens from KY woods and Bourbon barrels. The pen pictured was created from a white oak bourbon barrel. I currently have a limited supply so let me know if you want one. I also have pens out of black walnut and wild cherry.


KY Crafted Program

I'm so excited to announce that I am now a part of the KY Crafted Program, which is a branch of the Ky Arts Council.  Kentucky Crafted is known for supporting and providing opporutnity for KY artist.  It is quite a process to get juried into it, and I am celebrated it fully!