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Custom Large Leather Journal with Handmade Paper

 This is a large leather handbound journal that has handmade paper and a leather tie closure.  I created it as a custom order recently for a new customer.  Here is what she wrote once she received it:  

I just got it, and it is absolutely beautiful!!! The colors are right on - perfect! Thank you so very much. You have an amazing talent, and as a person who is very picky about her journals, I'm so very glad I found you :)

Thanks again!



Custom Leather Portfolio

This Custom Leather Portfolio is for a dear customer who has bought from me multiple times for gifts, bought a few products for herself, and follows me at shows.  She is so supportive, and always makes it fun when she wants a custom piece made.  This portfolio is for her as she embarks on a new job.  She wanted a mix of blues with a pop of yellow inside.  We added the business card holder inside as well, which turned out to be the perfect addition.


Custom Medium Refillable Leather Notebooks with Initials

Here is a medium refillable notebook that is being given as a gift. The hand-stitched initials on the tree are the couple's initials and the monogram on the flap is the recipient's.  I first used the idea of putting initials on the tree trunk for my dear friend as a wedding gift.  I gave it to her long before the wedding so that she could write the story of their engagement and reflect on moments leading up to the wedding. I love how it turned out!


You're Not Alone

"Dancing is not rising to your feet painlessly like a whirl of dust blown about by the wind.  Dancing is when you rise above both worlds, tearing your heart to pieces and giving up your soul."  -Rumi

This custom journal was created for a special woman whose twin brother passed five years ago.  She is a dancer and said she feels close to him when she dances.  This book is for memories, daily reflections, and letters to him.  She knew she wanted a dancer on the front as well as a fedora, a tulip leaf, and their names.  As I began making it, I had the sense that her brother wanted her to know that she isn't alone.  I felt like I needed to show them both dancing, to show that he does still dance with her.  What is interesting about this design that you may not know from looking is that both dancers are from the same cloth--just different sides of it.  This also feel significant given that they were twins.  The female dancer adorns a fedora and the back of the journal has a tulip leaf with their names hand-stitched on it. This 10x7 journal has acid-free, recycled pages inside so the writings inside will not yellow over time.  I am honored to have been asked to create this.


Dance, Dance, Dance

Yes, that title was taken from a Lykke Li song. Speaking of dancing songs, check out Iron and Wine's Boy with a Coin if you haven't done so already.  So beautiful.  I spent this past weekend selling at a dance workshop.  The people that were there wore the most inspiring colors and flowy materials.  Since I knew this workshop was coming up, I created a couple new lines of journals geared towards dancers.  These dance journals are designed to inspire and encourage dancers.  You can use them for taking notes at class, for reflecting on what arises in you as you dance, or for prayers that you may find yourself dancing.  They are covered in fun colors and added embellishments, including braids and bells.  These are not yet available online, but please let me know if you are interested in one.


Old Photo Sketchbooks

Have old photos that you want to do something creative with?  One lady had me take her old family photos and turn them into several sketchbooks/photo albums for her.




Travelin' Journal

Perfect Traveling Companion.  Small, but thick with a nifty pen holder closure.  Ready to come along on all your summer adventures.


The Deal with Lined Paper

Everywhere I go, there are a handful of folks asking if I create books with lined paper.  

I feel quite strongly about using recycled paper that has great texture and high quality.  My handbound books currently come with two different types of paper.  A recycled, thin brown paper that is akin to a drawing paper, and a thicker, more textured recycled white paper that is also acid free.  Both papers handle inky pens well.  These papers are blank and great for sketching and brainstorming and writing variously sized letters; however, I know that there are those who prefer some good old fashioned lines for ease during their writing experience.  While I haven't been able to find recycled, high-quality lined paper that I can bind, I have found a happy medium- refillable notebooks!  

Now, I have been creating these for custom orders for awhile, but I have officially decided to make lined paper more accessible on a regular basis.  They come in two sizes (small and medium) unless you custom order them. The covers come with notebooks that have 100% recycled lined paper.  There is still another benefit to these refillable notebooks.  One of the backhanded compliments I get from time to time is that my books are too beautiful to write in and people are afraid of messing them up.  While this does defeat the reason I make them, these more hesitant folks can write freely in these new refillable notebooks, conscious that they can replace the pages anytime and still enjoy a great cover design.  I hope to have them available online in the next several weeks.  They are selling so fast at shows that I can't seem to keep up with them.  This is a good thing.


Booklet Necklaces

I've got a whole new batch of booklet necklaces ready to go.  There are more colors and a slightly different style.  These necklaces make great gifts for friends, teachers, book lovers, etc.  I can't stop making them-they are so cute!


New Spring Journals

Just in time for spring, lots of new flower designs are bursting out of my studio! All around buds are opening up, and plants are growing once again. Here are some bold, funky flower journals to remind you of the transformation that is happening.