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New Leather Word Journals

I've been doing large leather journals with hand-stitched words for awhile now, but I usually stitch them with leather stripes across the background.  I've gotten multiple comments from customers at shows who say that those journals are too "clean and straight" looking.  They wanted to see something more rugged and organic with less planned out shapes.  These were created with those customers in mind.  Thank you for the inspiration!


Custom Marriage Book

This is custom Marriage Book! The couple who ordered it from me used it to write their vows in and read from during the ceremony. They plan on writing letters to each other on their anniversary each year; hence, the August 16th on the front. It also has a tree, the moon phase from their wedding day, their favorite constellations (with the big dipper on the front), and a stone closure from the place where they hiked on their first date. The collaboration and intention that put it together was as beautiful as the finished product!