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Mini Photo Books

If you are looking for a quick, but thoughtful way to show someone you care, check out these mini photo books. The idea is from a customer who was giving these out as Christmas gifts. She told me that she goes to Rite-Aid, prints the photo index card, and puts the tiny photos in the book necklaces. These photos (shown in the photo with the quarter) are really small. I'm creating a book necklace one size larger to accommodate the photos that are 1.25 x 2 inches (they cost .39 for 9 at Rite-Aid). You can find the small book necklaces here . The larger ones will be available online next week. If you'd like one before then, let me know.

The smallest photos are from the photo index card that you have the option of getting at the end of choosing your prints.  I used photo squares to adhere the photos to the page.  You can use any scrapbook adhesive as long as its acid-free.  


Personalized Messages for Book Necklaces

Now adding personalized messages to a slightly larger size book necklace...just let me know what you would like in your's. They can be fun reminders to have close: quotes, sweet nothings, prayers, mantras, etc.  


Fun with Mini Books

Today, I received a phone call from a customer who had bought a leather book necklace a couple months ago.  She proceeded to tell me all about her budding romance, how she has waited a long time for a good fit, and how they've now found each other.  This is where the book necklace comes in.  She had some of their photos together printed smaller and also cut apart some of the photo indexes that had tiny pictures of them together.  Then, she put them all in one of these booklets, gave it to her boyfriend for Christmas, and told him that the key on it stood for the key to her heart.  He loved it!  He was so touched by it that he cried.  He hangs it on his rearview mirror so that he can look at it frequently.  What’s especially fun is that he made a book full of pictures for her as well.  She called today wanting several more book necklaces because she wants to make him one for Valentine's Day and plans on giving him a collection of these as time goes on.  So, these fun mini books can be used for more than just necklaces!  The sized she used it just a touch larger than the ones I currently make so just let me know if you want one this size.



Holidays in the Studio

I got inspired tonight amidst various orders and, of course, a long to-do list.  The inspiration started here, which I saw last week.  I guess those ideas have been simmering in my head somewhere.  All I know is that I was finishing up an order like any other evening. Before long, I'm getting all these text blocks of books together and deciding how I'm going to turn them into a Christmas tree.  I found an extra string of lights, made a paper star top, and hung my mini book ornaments.  It's the first time I've ever had a Christmas tree in my studio, and I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Happy Holidays to me!