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On Change

"Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead, let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turned upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?" -Rumi

This quote sums up much of my past year. I've described it to some as having been turned upside down, everything shaken out of my pockets, and then put right side up, looking at everything with new eyes. It has been jolting (in a good way) and has reorganized my life- inside and out. Its rather incredible when these times happen. The fog begins to clear further, and we can see more honestly what IS as oppose to believing the illusions that we tell ourselves. Journaling is one of the catalyst for me. When I know I need to, I will sit and start "free writing" for 15 mins. This means that I just start writing whatever comes to mind and can't stop and check the internet or my phone or be distracted for 15 mins.  By then, I have broken through to where I will keep writing until everything comes out that needs to. Once I've emptied myself, I can better listen and the answers and insights come.


Reflecting on Thailand {Part 1}

As some of you know, I recently took a couple weeks off.  I went to Bangkok for dental work, traditional Thai massage, and rest.  I have wanted to visited Thailand ever since a friend brought me back a silk scarf my freshman year of college.  Since then, I’ve met a massage therapist who does traditional Thai massage, studied in Thailand, and has become a dear friend.  She and I both needed dental work done and decided to do dental tourism in Thailand.  The dental work was by far my best dental experience.  They were quick, but gentle and precise.  There wasn't any pressuring or fear-inducing talk.  If you are curious about it, please do not hesitate to ask about details. 

The dental work was only one aspect of the trip.  Being around Thai people was like coming home to parts of myself that I had either shut down or didn't realize were there.  I've come back feeling relaxed and settled deep within.  I did alot of watching and taking things in. 

While there are many aspects to share, one of them is the traffic in Bangkok.  The traffic was shocking, especially to someone who grew up in KY.  I sat in taxis and tuk tuks watching the inevitable and numerous traffic jams.  At times, the traffic would begin to go fast, and we would just as suddenly stop and may not move for awhile.  Cars, buses, taxis, and tuk tuks were constantly changing lanes.  This sometimes involved driving on the wrong side of the road.  There were also motercycles with no restrictions, zipping in between traffic or even up on the sidewalk.  They are like water filling the little bit of space between cars.  What was most shocking to me was that I did not see one wreck nor did I see stress on any of the Thais’ faces.  No one was shouting or getting angry or aggressively honking.  When traffic would move, they would make room for each other.  Everyone wasn’t trying to be first.  If someone got in front, it wasn’t seen as cutting someone off.  There was an underlining sense that there was enough space for everyone.  

At one point when I was waiting to cross a street, I saw a young barefoot boy run up to the stopped traffic and start cleaning the windshields.  The people in the stopped cars just smiled and paid him for his work.  He scurried out of the streets when traffic started moving.  I tried picturing a similar scenario happening where I live.  I couldn’t conceive it.  No one was angry at this boy for just cleaning and not asking first and expecting money.  They knew he was trying to make it just like we all are…and so they shared and gave what they could.  With all the traffic and the weaving in and out, there was a relaxed sense of knowing that everyone would eventually get to where they needed to go.  Everyone has somewhere to be and is trying to move forward.   

As I enter the holidays this year, I am holding these stories close.  There is space enough for all of us, room for sharing, and the ability to recognize that we are all just moving forward the best we can.  Recognizing can be enough to move our hearts to be a bit more compassionate.  I would encourage you to do the same…to not get too drawn into the stress of buying, going non-stop, and feeling obligated.   This holiday season, may we have a softer approach towards ourselves and towards those around us.  As the sign in the above picture says, let us "move in love".