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Handbound Leather Journey Journal

"Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds' wings.” 


Ky Crafted 2016

Ky Crafted: The Market is such a fun show and tends to kick off my festival season each year.  I love being able to share new designs and get feedback.  Because we've just finished up the winter, its a great place to see everyone again and meet new folks as well.  The first day is always for wholesale, and I met some new buyers this year as well as saw ones that I've been working with for awhile.  You can view the stores that my work is available in under "retailers".  Saturday and Sunday is retail.  There were around 200 artists, KY Proud food, and a stage with music.  If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for next year.  Thanks to everyone who came out!!

These girls were so excited to each have their own journal.  They were delightful!

This little one is a daughter of a regular customer who has quite a collection of journals, including one that his wife had me make him for their anniversary.  His daughter seem to take notice for the first time and was pretty enchanted with them all.


Custom Extra Large Leather Journal with Handmade Paper

 A graduation gift from a mother to her daughter who just received her PhD... 



Chattanooga 2013

My first outside show of the year was at the 4 Bridges Art Festival in Chattanooga, TN.  I fell in love with that place--the people were so friendly, there were local businesses everywhere, and fun art was all over.  I had just enough extra time to fit in some tasty restaurants and check out some cute, new boutiques. I stayed at a hostel, Crashpad, and was able to walk to and from the show.  It was all so fabulous!



Inspire {handmade leather journal}

inspire (verb): 1. to stimulate energies 2. [Archaic] to breathe life into


With love for Rwanda

This book was created for a lady who is heading to Rwanda this summer to meet her adopted son. Her circumstance is quite unique and she is planning on making annual trips there. This journal is meant to accompany her and allow her to record her story. It is created from repurposed leather and archival, recycled paper. The lettering is handstitched, and the book is handbound.


Vintage Text Blocks


I'm so intrigued by old text blocks and the appearance they create by simply being. It's almost like they transport you to a quieter time by their very existence. Text blocks are being used for all sorts of decorative purposes these days.  Even furniture stores like Arhaus are using them in interesting ways:

 When a customer asked if I'd make bookends, this was the first thing that popped into my mind:

If you are interested in any text blocks as bookends or otherwise, just let me know.


Teachings from Horses

Any time I become intrigued with a particular animal, I like to explore what Native Americans, Shamans, and Healers associate with that animal.  This can be called an animal totem or animal medicine.  It’s fascinating as each animal has different characteristics to teach us.  Horses are no different.  Horses are one of the few animals that is said to have made alliance with humans early on.  They set us free to travel and transport and work the ground in ways that people had not been able to do before.  It is interesting to note that engines are still measured in “horsepower”.   They have often been associated with mystical powers, especially in various mythologies.  Part of this mystical power is intuition.  With this knowing comes a deep sense of knowing themselves.  There are many references to a horse’s dignity whether it is running wild and free or pulling a plow and the heaviest of burdens.  A horse knows that regardless of its domestication it can quickly become once again the untamed spirit it always was.  This is part of the horse’s teachings: to walk through difficult circumstances with ease and dignity, knowing that deep down we are always free.  This goes along with personal empowerment and tapping into your own inner power.  Horses demonstrate this whether they are racing or running wild or pulling a plow.   They are continually tapping into their power.  They teach us that what we need to access is right there within us.  Think about a horse galloping.  When you allow the horse to set its own pace, riding quickly becomes a pleasure.  It is teaching us to get in touch with our own spirit, allowing this part of ourselves to discover our distinct rhythm.  Doing so sets us free to really enjoy life.  Everything has a bit more ease in it.  Another aspect worth noting is the mother horse.  She gives herself fully to supporting her colts, which can be seen in the sway of her back when she is suckled.  However, she knows when enough is enough.  She does not allow more to be taken from her than is necessary.  We can learn a lot about self-care from the mother horse.  She knows when it is time to take care of herself and teaches her little ones when it is time to take care of themselves.  This is mostly done by example.  The lessons we can learn from horses goes on and on.  They have much to offer us if only we will listen a little more deeply.  The Kentucky’s state logo is “unbridled spirit”.   I love this!  It brings to mind a horse in its natural habitat, without the conditionings we’ve put on it.  That phrase “unbridled spirit” calls out to my gypsy soul…the part of me that continues to learn how to be untangled and free.  I am reminded that, regardless of what things may seem, I am free.


Intentions for the New Year

I dreamt about wings last night.  Large, gorgeous butterfly wings.  I was walking down a gravel lane in the woods along a creek, and there were two stacks of them.  Of course, I gathered them all up as carefully as I could.  Upon waking, I knew I wanted to share about wings today.  I've been interested in winged creatures since I was young.  Angels in particular. I recall a couple of years ago complaining about my shoulders hurting and saying that my wings were coming in.  When I was 18, I wanted wings tattooed on my back. I wanted big wings.  I had medium-sized wings my freshman year in college.  I wore them to dances, Halloween parties, and random get-togethers for years.  Last month, I found myself creating fabric cocoons, hanging from a branch.  Beautifully fragile.  Potential.  Waiting.  That was December.  Then on New Year’s Eve, I found myself desiring wings again.  I wanted to bring in the New Year wearing them.  While that did not happen physically, I did find that I wore them energetically.  If you were there, you probably saw them.  They were real in their own way.  What I didn't realize at the time was that they were setting the tone for my New Year's intentions.  Let me just say that New Year's is my favorite holiday. I love the symbolism of starting fresh and recreating who you want to be, letting the parts of you go that did not serve you well.  Usually, I reflect a lot going into January, and it's not that I didn't this year.  However, it was different.  I was quieter within myself.  I didn't rush into figuring out how I wanted to change.  I realized that what I wanted was intentions, and I meditatively waited for those to come.  Several came in soft whispers throughout the first few weeks of January.  Here are a couple that I want to share...


Transform: This brings to mind the image of a cocoon as well as the wings that emerge from it and all the capabilities they offer.  This year, I want to give birth (and transform) into an even truer version of myself, embracing my own power and "bigness".  

Be gentle with yourself: I have a tendency to be a bit of a slave-driver towards myself and be too harsh a critic.  With this, I want to give permission to life being easier and not always something I have to fight through.  I continue to also become aware that I don't have to suffer anymore.

What are your intentions for 2012?


ATC Book

I just completed this custom design. Someone contacted me wanting to have the Anarchist's Tool Chest printed and bound. I'll admit to being a bit hesitant as I did not know what content a book like this would have. Thankfully, I proceeded with the e-conversation and found out that it has to do with using woodworking tools to create lasting furniture. This request was also just for the index which came out after the actual book did. I worked with a local printing company to print the inside, created the cover, and bound it.  It turned out quite fabulously, and the cover has a rustic feel that works so appropriately with the content.