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TV Interview at Waveland Art Fair

I was asked to be one of the artists interviewed by WKYT for the Waveland Art Fair.  Many thanks to Charla, who runs the show!  You can see the full tv interview here. 


Berea Craft Festival 2012

In preparation for the Berea Craft Festival, I joined Tara Bellando at WKYT.  It was on July 4th for a short interview about the festival.  I said it there, and I'll say it again...Indian Fort Theater is one of my favorite venues.  It is such a beautiful wooded area and feels enchanting with all the high quality artists that participate in this festival.  Some of my favorite artists are there, and it really feels like we are all a family getting back together. 

This year, the weather vacilated between clear skies and sunny to torrential downpours.  It went back and forth every day throughout the show.  One of my booth neighbors luckily had a shovel so I was able to dig a trench and divert the rivers that wanted to pass through my booth.  I felt like a little kid playing in the mud.  We also have had such a drought that we needed the rain.  During one of the rain storms, Josie (of Mayapple Creations) and I grabbed hula hoops and danced around in it.  Sometimes, it helps to just go ahead and embrace the inevitable. 

Oh, I also finally got a new chair and am so excited that I simply must show you.

Another artist, Steve, gave my a labyrinth that he made.  He had seen my labyrinth logo at a gallery show we did together and was inspired to do the design.  I love that he shared it with me!


Summerfair TV Interview

If you missed it, here I am with Tiffany Wilson of LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV, the morning of Summerfair! I love how she keeps shaking one of my bell! ( I'm near the beginning and again near 6:30)