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Custom Wedding Guestbook in Yellow

"Unless its mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time.  There are too many mediocre things in life.  Love shouldn't be one of them."  -Dreams for an Insomniac


Ever Ours {A Marriage Journal}

A couple months ago, I received an email from a previous customer who had seen this custom marriage book.  The customer was about to celebrate his first wedding anniversary and wanted to get a custom-made book as a surprise for his wife.  His plan was to copy their vows into the front pages and then write notes, thoughts, and such to each other as they choose. The cover itself was inspired by their wedding and symbols that are meaningful to them.  Their wedding colors were black, red, and white.  He asked that I include Beethoven's famous quote "Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours" on it.  He also requested that the Irish Claddagh be used in some manner (he proposed with a Claddagh ring and has an Irish heritage).  Below is the collaboration of his ideas and my translation.  The leathers are in their wedding colors with the quote on the back, and the Claddagh is part of the closure.  When I presented it to him, he was so excited with the outcome and sharing it with his wife.


Custom Marriage Book

This is custom Marriage Book! The couple who ordered it from me used it to write their vows in and read from during the ceremony. They plan on writing letters to each other on their anniversary each year; hence, the August 16th on the front. It also has a tree, the moon phase from their wedding day, their favorite constellations (with the big dipper on the front), and a stone closure from the place where they hiked on their first date. The collaboration and intention that put it together was as beautiful as the finished product!