What Customers are saying...

"They are here, they are here! My journals are absolutely gorgeous! You do amazing work, Melissa! Thank you so much... they are worth every penny! When I met you at your first show, I knew then, that you would have great success.  Congratulations to you and the wonderful artist you have become. Thanks again-- I'm sure I will have future orders!"

-Amanda Pennington

"Thanks so much for the sketchbook.  I will start sketching in it as soon as possible!  Your work is awesome...I just want to add how the upcycled books really just send my mind into new (and old) places.  When I was a kid, I spent so much time reading books, hanging out in the library too.  There is nothing quite like the feel of a well read and well used book.  There is something that fascinates me very much about your upcycled books.  They have within them a certain magical quality I think.  A quality that allows your mind to make associations with the past, and yet, they also provide a practical support for the present, and offer new possibilities for the future.   Anyway, I have been singing your praises to my colleagues at work.  They are a technical bunch, but a few of them have an appreciation for these sorts of things.  I want to get them to buy some art from you.  Buying art is a magic unto itself.  :)"

-Phil Baldyga

"I just received my 7th anniversary gift from Donna, a Reimagined by Luna original!  I'm delighted with the journal, and the story behind it (as indeed I have been behind all the products I have from Reimagined by Luna) and can't stop looking at it! Thank you very much!!"

-James Haggie

"Love the iPad cover!  It's even nicer than it looked in the picture on Etsy... I truly admire both your work and your work ethics.  Both you and your work are keepers in my book.  (Sorry pun, but I couldn't resist.)"

-Gin Petty

"Thanks so much for the help with this book.  It's exactly what I was looking for."

-Doug Boor

"I purchased journals for everyone for Christmas gifts this year, and I am sure that I will order one for myself soon. Your work is beautiful. My six year old purchased one of your journals early on Friday at the Winterfest in Northern Kentucky over Thanksgiving weekend. She has not put it down since."

-Virginia Robinson

"I am so happy to have met you. I was literally drawn into your booth! I was in the middle of a sentence talking to my husband and writing something down for him when I stopped talking, handed him the paper, and walked into your booth! That has never happened to me before. I purchased one of your beautiful upcycled books-one with the cover from a Reader's Digest. I just love the idea of re-using covers - inspired!"

-Kris Stanton, read more here

"I got my book in the mail today, and it is everything I had hoped it would be. Thank you so much for a wonderful custom order!There is no where else I could have bought exactly what I wanted, except from this shop. Thanks again for your time and effort, it is lovely and arrived in perfect condition."

-Gail Mackey, see it here

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