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Extra Thick Custom Leather Travel Journal

Pilgrims are poets who create by taking a journey. -Richard Niebuhr

This extra thick book was created for a couple who wanted a journal/scrapbook to record all their adventures in. They stopped in Lexington on their way back home to Illinois from Gattlinburg, TN, where they had hiked and found some great wood pieces. The husband is a woodworker so he made the wood piece that is part of the closure. This is something that they want to be an heirloom and are excited to add to each year. Their initials are hand-stitched on the side.



Custom Medium Refillable Leather Notebooks with Initials

Here is a medium refillable notebook that is being given as a gift. The hand-stitched initials on the tree are the couple's initials and the monogram on the flap is the recipient's.  I first used the idea of putting initials on the tree trunk for my dear friend as a wedding gift.  I gave it to her long before the wedding so that she could write the story of their engagement and reflect on moments leading up to the wedding. I love how it turned out!